Experiences – Lisbon

tuk tuk

You’re coming to Lisbon and want to feel adrenaline? Or something quieter? We have suggestions to make your stay even better!

Scape Room

Solve a puzzle in 60 minutes. Ideal for lovers of adventure and adrenaline.


Bounce is a highly equipped space with trampolines where you can do countless activities
like Football and Slam Duck or Free Jump Arena.

Tuk Tuk / Scooters / Segway Tour

Take guided tours around Lisbon.

Benfica Football Stadium

For football lovers, the Estádio da Luz is open to guided tours.

Yellow Boat Tour

An unforgettable visit to the Tagus River where you can enjoy the whole coast of Lisbon.

Boat ride at sunset

Accompanied by good Portuguese wine, countless companies make boat trips in the late
afternoon to enjoy the fantastic view of the Tejo River.

Artistic Tour

With many options available, taking an artistic tour guided through the streets of Lisbon is
an excellent option for urban art lovers.

Gastronomic walking tour with tastings

On a 3-hour walking tour, you can get to know Portuguese gastronomy as well as a visit to the
historic center with tips on wine, food and Fado.

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