Arrábida free of cars!

The bathing season has started on the 1st of June and, with it, the prohibition of vehicle circulation between the Figueirinha and Creiro beach, in the Serra da Arrábida.

As of this date, there will be a public transportation service with regular routes to Figueirinha beach, starting from Alegro Shopping Center, Rodoviária Station, 5 de Outubro Avenue, and the railway station, at Square of Brazil, all with the price of 4.10 euros, round trip.

A bus route is also assured with stops at the Morango Park in Azeitão, every two hours.

For people who prefer the Galapos/Galapinhos and Creiro/Portinho da Arrábida beach, there is a free shuttle service every 30 minutes, that will run between Figueirinha and the Creiro area.

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